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A Level Programme

Cychwyn (w/c): 01/09/2020 Full Time - To be arranged (09:00 to 16:00) Nantgarw

Gwybodaeth am y Cwrs

The Advanced Level Programme offers you the opportunity to study three or four AS Levels plus the Welsh Baccalaureate (Advanced), which is compulsory, in your AS year, and then, following successful AS results, you can continue with three A2 subjects plus the WBQ for the second year. studying in fantastic advanced level learning facilities. OR you have the chance to widen your choices even further with a combined course. Choose 1 or 2 AS’s alongside a vocational option, such as Applied Science, Applied IT, Sports and Exercise Sciences, or Health and Social Care. This option can be discussed during your application process.

You will be able to choose from AS and A levels in 28 subjects, many of which are not traditionally offered in schools. You will be studying in fantastic advanced level learning facilities and taught by experienced staff with proven AS/ A level expertise. You will be supported and guided through a comprehensive personal tutorial system and can get involved in the BOOST programme of activities including sport, creative, cultural and entrepreneurial activities.

Beth ddylwn i ei ddysgu?

1. A Level Programme: Year 1 - study 3 or 4 AS levels plus the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ). Year 2 - depending on your AS results, continue with 3 subjects to the full A Level and complete the WBQ.

2. Combined Course: Year 1 - take 1 or 2 AS levels combined with a vocational option. Combinations could include: Health and Social Care (AS Biology, AS Sociology + BTEC Certificate in Health and Social Care) or Sports Studies (AS Biology, AS Psychology + BTEC Certificate in Sport and Exercise Sciences. You may also need to improve your GCSE Maths grade). Year 2 - continue with your AS/A levels and/or BTEC plus the WBQ.

Gofynion Mynediad

1. A Level Programme: A minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade C or above, many subjects require GCSE English Language and/or Maths. Some subjects require a B or C Grade at GCSE in a related subject area. Please see the entry requirements of your A Level subject choices.

2. Combined Course: A profile of 5 GCSEs at Grade C or above, many subjects require GCSE English Language and/or Maths. Please see the entry requirements of your subject choices.


Please see the assessment information of your A Level subject choices.


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Dilyniant Gyrfa

  • As part of your application we provide advice and guidance with your subject selection, helping you with the balance of AS and then A2 subjects enabling you to progress onto an HE course or job of your dreams. On successful completion of the A Level Programme you will be fully prepared for University application and entry, or for moving into employment. You will also have additional support if you are thinking of applying to Oxbridge.


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