Coleg y Cymoedd’s brand new Make! programme will open to the public this summer to highlight career opportunities and emerging technologies in film, such as creature effects, digital technologies and costume construction through a range of practical workshops, lectures, and industry engagement from leading professionals.

Location – Coleg y Cymoedd, Nantgarw Campus, Cardiff, CF15 7QY

All sessions are FREE .

Minimum age restrictions in place – all sessions are for those aged 16+ apart from Eliot Gibons & Michael Van Kesteren workshop which is designed for 14+

Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th July 2023

Central Scanning


Introduction to 3D scanning and applications 

Further Details

  • 3D scanning with Artec Leo: Techniques, lighting environment, Photogrammetry. 
  • Advanced techniques and prep for 3D printing: Optimising for downstream rendering pipelines/VR/AR, prep for 3D printing, creating moulds, taking measurements

Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th July 2023



Introduction and applications of composite and 3D metal printing 

Further Details

  • Technology overview and demonstrations 
  • Industry trends around 3D printing and application examples 
  • A look into the ‘crystal ball’ for the future of 3D printing 

Wednesday 5th July 2023

Bentley Advanced Materials


Basic mould making and Props

Further Details

For this one-day demonstration we will take you through silicone rubber and polyurethane systems and how they may be used in mould making. The day will be split into two sections. First off, through live demos we will cover how to safely use silicone and PU resin and some of the dos and don’ts. For the second half of the day using moulds we provide, you will get the opportunity to mix and pour some of the materials and see how they work. This informative and fun day is a must for anyone interested in using mould making as part of their creative process.


Wednesday 5th July 2023

Brian Froud


From pencil to production

Further Details

Brian Froud is a world-renowned painter and film designer whose portrayal of faeries and the Faerie Realm has influenced a whole generation of artists, writers, filmmakers, and folklorists.

Raised in Kent, he studied illustration at Maidstone College of Art, and began his career as an illustrator in London (in the same studio as Alan Lee). He then turned to making books of his own, and designing films — most famously, the now-classic children’s films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth (both produced by Jim Henson).

Brian’s art has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, written about in scholarly texts, and won numerous awards. His internationally bestselling books include Faeries (with Alan Lee), the Lady Cottington Pressed Fairies series (with Terry Jones and Ari Berk), Good Faeries/Bad Faeries (with Terri Windling) The Runes of Elfland (with Ari Berk), Brian Froud’s Goblins (with Ari Berk), How to See Faeries (with John Matthews), and Brian Froud’s World of Faerie – -all of them inspired by the legends, lore, and landscape of Dartmoor.

His recent books, Trolls, and Faeries’ Tales explore the lives and history of the elusive trolls and faeries; they were created in collaboration with his wife, author and artist Wendy Froud. Brian’s latest project is the Netflix series “Dark Crystal – The age of Resistance”


Thursday 6th July 2023

Bentley Advanced Materials


Blood and Guts: Special Effects Make-up 

Further Details

For the first half of the day, we will look at some of the materials and techniques used in the making of silicone prosthetic make up FX for film, tv and theatre. Concentrating on gore we’ll cover intrinsic Colouring of silicone, basic mould making and applying blood. For the second half of the day, we will do a workshop where you will make your own silicone wounds and apply them to yourself. If prosthetic make up FX interest you this day promises to be exciting, fun and a little bloody.

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th July 2023

Wendy/Brian Froud & William Todd-Jones:

Workshop (2 Days)

From pencil to puppet to performance

Further Details

A two day workshop with Brian and Wendy Froud and guest William Todd-Jones 


Brian Froud’s extraordinary ability is to create characters that tell the story. On the page, the stage, or the screen. And he starts it all with a pencil. 


Wendy Froud has been instrumental in building iconic characters that have thrilled audiences world-wide. She uses ordinary tools to make magic. 


William Todd-Jones makes things live… be they, simple hand puppets, sophisticated creature costumes, or CG animations. He uses breath and imagination. 

From pencil sketch to award winning production… a unique opportunity to have masters of the art, give attendees an insight into process. 

CYC is proud to host a two day workshop, that will take the participants, from a pencil sketch, to patterning their own 3D puppet head, to learning performance skills that indicate life and character.



Wednesday 12th July 2023

Charlie Ivens


Mud, Sweat & Tears costume breakdown

Further Details

Costume breakdown artists are an integral part of every film set. A film would not be able to hit the big screen without the help of a good costume breakdown artist. 

Responsible for ageing or manipulating a costume to make it look authentic for a film/TV production using various techniques. Breakdown artists must dye fabrics as needed, manipulate or distress fabrics to fit within the script. 

Costume is vital for helping actors to get ‘into character’ and should reflect the characters story, context and often their environment. 

This workshop will provide a fundamental understanding of visual language and artistic techniques required to produce representations such as, mud, sweat and blood. Attendees will learn the importance of creating character within a costume through the medium of dye and breakdown techniques. 

The workshop will provide invaluable insight, from a highly experienced breakdown artist. 

Charlie Ivens: Recent Credits: Textile / Breakdown Artist Indiana Jones 5 2023, The Little Mermaid 2022, Dune 201, Les Miserable BBC 2017, Dumbo 2017


Friday 7th July 2023

Sue Nicholson


Innovation in Costume Cutting for Screen

Further Details

The human silhouette can be changed through costume within any area of performance. This one day workshop will provide attendees with the skills to explore a variety of body padding techniques, using net and fur, currently being used within the Film and TV industry. 

Attendees will be given a practical masterclass workshops to explore current techniques used within the world of costume, understanding how they can be applied to create a body padding for any costume.  

Upon completion of this workshops, attendees will understand how to interpret a visual reference, produce a section of a costume, using the techniques developed throughout the workshop sessions. 

Sue has 30 years experience working as a cutter/tailor in the industry including film, TV and Theatre, creating costumes ranging from medieval fantasy through historical Tudor and Victorian periods to more contemporary 20th and 21st century and futuristic sci-if costumes.


Friday 7th and Saturday 8th July 2023

Eliot Gibbins & Michael Van Kesteren

Workshop (2 days)

Model Making for Film and TV (an introduction)

Further Details

With the popularity of ‘The Creatures’ exhibition at Coleg y Cymoedd, we are pleased to announce the second phase of workshops from the HDM team. 

Michael Van Kesteren (all seasons) Art Director and Eliot Gibbins Creature FX Workshop Manager and Puppeteer will be hosting this two day event.   

You are invited to partake in a creative experience of making your own model from the concept to the paint job. 

Day 1 

We will look at choosing between digital or traditional sculpting workflows (iPad or clay) 

Creating our model.  Be it a version of the subtle knife, or bringing your own daemon into the real world, we will help you to imagine and realise your creation and develop it into a clay sculpt or digital model. 

Day 2 

Once the sculpts are complete (we will print the digital versions over night) we will spend day 2 painting and finishing your models.   

We will dirty down and age the paint to give it authenticity 

For those who finish early we will be happy to demonstrate and discuss the techniques in more detail and see what we can make 

We will supply all equipment needed so if you have an interest in this field but are worried you aren’t experienced enough worry not as it is an introduction course




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