Lefel 4 Diploma mewn Coginio Proffesiynol

Cychwyn (w/c): 02/09/2019 Full Time - To be arranged (09:00 to 16:00) Nantgarw

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The Level 4 in Professional Cuisine will now provide that progression opportunity, allowing chefs to demonstrate skills in all aspects of the subject area including the sourcing, preparation and storage of all food types, mentoring key support staff in a professional kitchen and managing budgets.

The chefs will also be required to plan, prepare and produce complex and innovative dishes for an event and reflect on their own performance.

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Butchering, Storing and Preserving Meat for use in a Professional Kitchen Preparing, Storing and Preserving Fish and Shellfish for use in a Professional Kitchen Sourcing Fresh Produce Sustainably for use in a Professional Kitchen

Designing and Producing Complex and Innovative Dishes in a Professional Kitchen Develop Menus to Meet the Organisation's Cost Requirements Provide Coaching and Mentoring in a Food Business

Planning, Preparing and Producing Complex Dishes for an Event Developing Personal Performance Excellence in a Professional Kitchen The Principles of Food Safety Supervision for Catering

The Principles of Financial Performance Management in Hospitality Operations Essential Skills Level 3

Gofynion Mynediad

Minimum of 5 years industry experience or have gained a relevant Level 3 qualification plus a minimum of 1 year industry experience.


Assessment will take place whilst in a real working environment, a range of assessment methods will be used to create a holistic approach to the course. The main part of the assessment will be through the production of a portfolio which will entail written and photographic evidence to include; evidence of planning, product development and evaluations. Written assignments, evidence gathering, witness statements and recorded professional discussions may also be used.


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Dilyniant Gyrfa

  • Designed to provide a qualification base and structure for experienced chefs already working in the industry at the appropriate level. It is also possible to utilise this to upskill candidates that have already completed the Hospitality and Catering qualifications at the level below. This qualification is designed to provide a greater breadth of knowledge and skills for those chefs who deal with a wider variety of dishes and ingredients and have responsibility for a kitchen and its brigade. Possible progression routes; Level 5 (HND), Degree in hospitality in Hospitality and Catering.


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